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Substitute Olive Oil for Butter

Olive oil offers so much more nutrient value with no downside, unlike the alternatives.

You can substitute olive oil for butter, margarine or other oils in almost any recipe. The basic rule is to use an equal amount of olive oil if the recipe calls for vegetable oil. The variety of olive and harvest time are major factors affecting the flavour of olive oil. If you want to replace butter with olive oil, to use in baking or on delicately flavoured foods, you don't want an olive oil that is described as "grassy, peppery, or pungent". An olive oil described as "smooth, mellow, and buttery" is what you're looking for and these fit the bill.

This chart shows the substitution amounts for butter or margarine in imperial and metric measurements.

olive oil vs butter or margarine

                           Imperial                                                   Metric


Olive Oil


Olive Oil

1 teaspoon

¾ teaspoon

5 mls

3 mls

2 teaspoons

1 ½ teaspoons

10 mls

7.5 mls

1 tablespoons

2 ½ teaspoons

15 mls

12.5 mls

2 tablespoons

1 ½ tablespoons

30 mls

22.5 mls

¼ cup

3 tablespoons

60 mls

45 mls


¼ cup

80 mls

60 mls

½ cup

¼ cup + 2 tablespoons

125 mls

90 mls


½ cup

160 mls

125 mls

¾ cup

½ cup + 1 tablespoon

185 mls

140 mls

1 cup

¾ cup

250 mls

175 mls

2 cups

1 ½ cups

500 mls

375 mls



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