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Olive Oil Sun Protection

Japanese scientists found that applying Extra Virgin Olive Oil as an after-sun lotion slows tumor growth in mice as reported in New Scientist Magazine.

Olive oil sun protection is a misleading phrase. Olive oil doesn't protect against skin damage caused by the sun, but it does go to work repairing damaged skin and protecting against skin cancer.

Ultra violet rays as well as cigarette smoke, pollution and alcohol create free radicals that cause damage to our cells. Antioxidants such as vitamin E and polyphenols are abundant in olive oil and known to clean up or neutralize those free radicals.

Masamitsu and his colleagues from Kobe University School of Medicine gave hairless mice three UV sessions per week. Five minutes after each session, they applied either regular or extra virgin olive oil to the skin of the mice.

After 18 weeks, the mice that had no oil or regular olive oil were growing skin tumors. But, the mice that were treated with extra virgin olive oil took six more weeks to show any signs of tumors - the tumors were smaller, less frequent and there was less DNA damage to the skin cells.

I don't believe there is such a thing as a safe sunscreen. I learned from the folks at that there are companies out there that make sunscreens and call them organic, but they contain synthetic chemicals.

But what about natural sun blocking minerals like titanium dioxide and zinc oxide, aren't they safe?

The truth is both chemical sunscreens and physical sun blocks like zinc oxide create free radicals when exposed to sunlight. Those free radicals are what cause skin cancer. You did read that right. The sunscreens themselves cause free radicals when exposed to sunlight. So, you may as well have taken your chances with the sun itself causing that same damage.

According to their research, Terressentials concluded that sunscreen give us a false sense of security. They may prevent sunburns, but they do little or nothing to prevent skin cancer or aging of the skin caused by sunlight.

There is substantial evidence that there is an increase in cancer when sunscreen products are used.

You can't and shouldn't stay out of the sun at all times. We need some direct sunlight for our bodies to produce vitamin D. It is impossible to get enough vitamin D from food sources. Sunscreens block the rays that our skin needs to produce vitamin D and there has been a substantial rise in diseases related to its deficiency. The worst time to be out in the sun is between 11:00 am and 3:00 pm, so....

- Plan your outdoor activities for morning, late afternoon or evening.

- When you are in the sun during those hours, cover up with some light, loose clothing or stay in the shade as much as possible.

- Use olive oil and shea butter to feed your skin and keep those free radicals under control.


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