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Olive Oil - A Gift from Nature...

You can enjoy the benefits of olive oil in everything from dips and dressings to skin care and shampoo.

The Basics

olive tree
Olive oil has been used in Mediterranean countries for thousands of years and is quickly becoming more popular here in North America and other parts of the world.

It’s actually a pure fruit juice and unlike most seed or vegetable oils, it does not require any heat or chemicals to extract the oil and needs no refinement.

Olive oil can be consumed as is immediately after pressing. Find answers to your questions about the different grades, varieties, extraction processes , storage and shelf life.

Health and Nutrition

medi food pyramid
The reason olive oil is so good for us is because it’s high in mono unsaturated fat, vitamin E, and antioxidants. It contains 120 calories per tablespoon. All edible oils contain about the same amount of calories.

A healthy diet with more whole grains, fruits and vegetables and less meat is best. The Mediterranean food pyramid, which includes olive oil in place of other less healthy fats offers many health benefits.

A few of the benefits it's known for are lowering bad cholesterol and blood pressure, protecting against colon, breast and skin cancers and reducing the incidence of gallstones. Learn more about the nutrients and other specific health benefits. Dieting with Olive Oil, Nutrients, Benefits

Cooking and Recipes

salad dressing
Olive oil can replace the fat in almost any recipe.

It offers more nutrition and flavour than vegetable and seed oils, remains stable when heated and has a relatively high smoke point.

Extra virgin oils that are higher in antioxidants and more flavourful are best for dips and dressings while less expensive virgin or refined oils are recommended by some for baking and frying, but I use extra virgin for everything.

I blend olive oil and butter together to make a more healthy table spread. Find a conversion chart for butter substitution, more about how to cook with olive oil and some great recipes on the pages listed under this section in the menu.

Personal Care and Other Uses

olive oil soap

My search for natural soaps and shampoos is what really sparked my interest in olive oil. I was looking for products that were free of sodium laurel and laureth sulphates, parabens, synthetic thickeners, colours, preservatives and fragrances.

A pinch of rosemary and a drop of essential oil does not make a natural product as the manufacturers would lead you to believe.

I was completely unaware that such dangerous chemicals were permitted in the products we use everyday and there just isn't any good reason for it. Sure, there are only small amounts of these synthetic chemicals, but we use those products every day, over and over again and leave them on our skin to be absorbed into our bloodstreams.

There are good quality organic products out there that are no more expensive than department store products. They aren't cheap, but there are simple natural ingredients like olive oil, aloe, shea butter, apple cyder vinegar, etc, that you can use too.

Olive oil is a wonderful addition to many products but I also use it just as it is in my bath, as a deep conditioner and hot oil treatment for my hair and to sooth my dry feet. In these cases, it's not only a healthy choice; it’s also less expensive than what you might buy in a salon or drugstore. It's used to kill head lice, soften ear wax and as a personal lubricant, just to name a few.

Gifts and Accessories

There are many things you can make with olive oil and give away as gifts. I haven’t tried making soap yet, but I plan to and I’ll let you know how that goes. I grow my own basil and love pesto. Since most people don’t have the time or the inclination, I think it makes a yummy and thoughtful gift.

What about infused olive oil in a decorative bottle or a premium extra virgin olive oil instead of a bottle of wine?

I have found some absolutely beautiful accessories like hand painted ceramic dispensers, hand blown glass cruets, misters, dipping sets and oil lamps. What Olive Oil enthusiast wouldn't appreciate any one of these items as a gift?

olive oil gifts

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